Croma Gio.Batta is able to supply a wide range of electromedical equipment, ranging from solutions that contemplate the sale, rental, or loan against the purchase of consumable material that may be necessary for the use of the equipment itself.

All solutions will be tailored to the specific needs of each individual customer, in a logic of framing the product within the customer’s own process, guaranteeing efficient operational and economic performance.

Below is a list of the equipment marketed by Croma Gio.Batta:

  • 3D laparoscopic column 
  • Power Systems (for orthopaedics, hand and foot surgery, neurosurgery, ENT, maxillo, plastic surgery) 
  • Mono and bipolar electrosurgical units 
  • Smoke evacuation systems
  • Portable Doppler 
  • Diagnostic equipment


Among the products distributed by Croma Gio.Batta are disposable devices used in the operating theatre. These devices, all of which are CE marked and have technical data sheets available, include haemostatics, suction cannulas, disposable scalpels, drapes and all those products that are used to support surgical procedures, outpatient and ward activities.

Depending on the needs of the different users, these devices can be placed inside sterile packs, also combined with disposable instruments.


Croma Gio.Batta, to complete its catalogue of operating theatre products, also distributes cushions of various types and sizes used for positioning the patient on the operating bed depending on the type of operation.These products are also used as anti-decubitus systems useful for the prevention and/or therapy of skin lesions of the body following pathologies that force patients to stay in bed for long periods.


In this particularly difficult period, Croma Gio.Batta has made its contribution to the fight against the Coronavirus, providing customers with tools to maintain a protected and safe environment.

In particular:

Disposable filtering masks (surgical masks, FFP2 face masks, FFP3 face masks) to protect the respiratory tract and other protection and prevention devices

infrared thermometers for temperature measurement

Pulse oximeter saturimeter

Hydrogen peroxide room sanitisation systems with virucidal effect guaranteed by numerous clinical tests

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