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What are cookie?

Cookie are strings of text of small dimensions that a determinate web-site, visited by the user, send to the terminal by the same user (normally to the browser). Cookie are normally used by the operator of the web site to memorize the information necessary to improve the browsing in the web site or to send advertisement in line with the preferences expressed by the user in the field of browsing net. When it is visited again the same web site or any other one, the dispositive of the user verify the presence of a recognized cookie, so as to be able to read the information contained in it.

During the browsing on a web site, the user can receive on his terminal also cookie that are sent from different web site or server (“third parts”), on which can be located some elements (such as for instance images, maps, sounds, specific link to pages of other domains) present on web site that the same is evaluating. Cookie, usually present on the browser of the users in an elevated number and sometimes also with characteristic with wide temporal persistence, are used for different finalities: execution of computer authentication, monitoring sessions, storage of information on specific configurations about users that access to the server, etc …

Features and finalities of cookie installed from the web site of Croma Gio.Batta Srl (the “web site”)

Cookie tecnici.

It’s about cookie used specifically to allow the correct operation and use of the web site. The technical cookie used by the Italian Stock market are above all: 1. Analytics cookie which allow to the operator of the web site to collect information about the number of users and about how these ones visit the web site in an aggregate and anonymous way; 2.Cookie of functionality which allow to the user the browsing according to a series of a selected criteria (for instance, the access to the personal page or to the services under recording) with the purpose to improve the service delivered to the same. Below a complete list of technical cookie used on the web site:

Options about the use of the cookie by the web site through browser settings

The user can express their options about the use of any cookie by the web site also through the browser settings. Every browser dispose of different options for the deactivation of the cookie; below we report a link to the instruction for the most common browser:

Other information about the processing of personal data done by the web site

For other information about the processing of personal data which can be collected in the present web site by Croma Gio.Batta Srl check the informative provide by the article 13 of the Cookie Privacy and visionable to the link listed below:

Any further updating to the present Policy will be communicated promptly in this page.

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