The central of sterilization for the Burgos Hospital University

The Central of Sterilization of the Burgos Hospital, managed directly by Croma Gio.Batta España, is today in Spain one of the main reference model for organization and for the respecting of the main current qualitative standard (the Central is accredits ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 14001).

The Central is managed by a head nurse with the qualification of Technical Manager and by a Computer Technician who is concerned with the correct development of the infrastructural process. For the management of the operative process of wash, packaging and sterilization are employed 18 qualified workers.

Here under the organization of the central:

  • Equipment and organization of the work area;
  • Washing area;
  • 3 stations for hand washing;
  • 4 Steris washers of 15 DIN;
  • 2 equipment for ultrasonic cleaning;
  • 1 Steris washing cleaning for the capacity of two carriages

Packaging area:

  • 4 stations for Kit packaging
  • 2 stations for the envelops packaging which will be sterilized with steam;
  • 1 station for the material packaging which will be sterilized with hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 station for the material packaging which will be sterilized with ethylene oxide

Storage area for sterile material:

  • 4 Steris steam autoclaves of 8 Ust;
  • 1 Steris sterile equipment at hydrogen peroxide of 1.5uts
  • 1 Steris sterile equipment at ethylene oxide of 1.5uts

The central of sterilization uses the Instacount traceability system with 16 work station installed between the different operatives areas (washing area, packaging, and storage for sterile material)

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