Electromedical equipment and relative consumables

Croma Gio.Batta is able to supply a large range of electromedical equipment, ranging  from solutions which contemplate the selling, the rent or the loan for the purchase of consumable eventually necessary for the use of the same equipment.

All the solutions will base on specific necessities of each single Customer, in a logic of the product classification in the process of the same Customer, ensuring the efficiency of operative and economic performance.

Here below a list of equipment commercialized by Croma Gio.Batta:

  • Laparoscopic column 3D
  • Motors (for ortopedy, hand and foot surgery, neurosurgery, maxillo, plastic surgery)
  • Mono and Bipolar electrosurgery
  • Portable Doppler
  • Equipment for diagnostic

Do you want to be constantly updated with the new technologies? Ask for a rent quotation or for a solution of free loan based on your specific needs and on the volume of the surgical activity.

Personalized solutions for public institution, private and medical offices