Surgical instrument Custom Made – Croma Gio.Batta

The passion, the localization within Veneto region of the mechanic precision and the experience gained  on operatory field, allowed Croma Gio.Batta to position itself in the segment of excellence of the project and of the surgical instrument Custom Made, realized on the base of the necessities of every single Specialist. 

All the instruments produced are regularly entered to the Ministerial repertory.

In view of the numerous request accumulated over the years, Croma Gio.Batta realized an instrumental catalogue which includes:

  • cutters
  • scissors
  • pliers
  • suture Instrument
  • probes and dilators
  • retractors
  • autostatic retractor
  • aspirators / splinkers
  • instruments for metal wires
  • bone tools
  • levers for bone
  • impact hammers
  • Tools for peripheral vascular surgery
  • Accessories for operative fields

Do you want to be constantly updated with the new technologies? Ask for a rent quotation or for a solution of free loan based on your specific needs and on the volume of the surgical activity.

Personalized solutions for public institution, private and medical offices